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Relationship at workplace

Behind every successful business or an organization is an inspired team of individuals who bring their head, heart and hands at work and make unimaginable

The Outward Mindset

Have you ever wondered why some people are more innovative, pioneering and successful than others? And why are they able to repeat their success again


We are living in a world which is plagued with a paradox of choice. In a world of cut throat competition and manipulation, to win


Living in a fast-paced world we often become oblivious of the fact that the most important moment that we have at our disposal is NOW.


As humans, we have a special ability to make wise decisions but we often underutilize it. Regret, confusion and chaos that follows a wrong decision

Dealing with Change

The only constant thing in this world is change. But change at times can be unsettling, perplexing or even frightening. In order to endure change,

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Avatar Lila has been coaching leaders and individuals for over a decade, dealing with a wide array of professional and personal issues from relationships, mental wellness or any other concern.

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