In my working career, I have interacted with different life coaches from around the world. Had the pleasure of listening to established speakers like Simon Sinek, Jim Collins, Gary Hamel, Hal Gregersen , Janet Yellen and Markus Buckingham to name a few at the World Business Forum in New York.

I would rank Avatar Lila amongst the top speakers I have listened and got inspired by.

My first interaction with Avatar was when I was invited to his talk sometime in August of 2019 and really liked his simplistic approach. This talk made me invite him in September 2019 for my company’s Global Innovation day attended by more than 100 people from around the world, all of whom were either PhD scientists or engineers, I was not sure how the global audience would respond as it was their first time listening to a monk who is also a life coach.

The feedback was amazing, as the talk delivered resonated with everyone present and was totally in line with our company purpose and values. Each and every individual felt connected to the talk and left the hall with a renewed sense of energy, ready to take up any challenge for the organization.

COVID -19 happened and most of our production sites were shut down in March and April 2020. This was the best time to pick Avatar’s brain when the world is in a crisis. Avatar’s virtual presentation to our company’s top leadership team was clear and precise and made us realize we are playing the infinite game. Not a game of a quarter, or six months or a year.

I am sure Avatar will be unique in his coaching, inspiring, motivating and helping organizations, individuals being successful in his new life moving forward not only in India but around the world.

My very best wishes.

Nitin Mehta

President (Asia-Pacific) L&L Products.

My relationship with Avatar Lila spawned from my attending his session on “Relationships”, which I found both relevant and enriching. His anecdotal approach allows one to contemporaneously draw parallels to one’s life. This feels real and re-assuring since challenges are a common denominator across everyone’s life. Avatar’s deconstruction of mythological texts such as the Mahabharat and Ramayana re-ignited the childhood interest in me and illustrated a range of management lessons that could be applied across the board.

Avatar is extremely approachable. He’s been mentor to many of my near and dear ones. His thoughtful, compassionate and astute guidance has allowed them to realise their full potential. I strongly recommend and endorse Avatar as not only a serious management coach but also as an amazing friend, philosopher and guide.

Gopal Narang

CMD Narang Realty

“I have had the pleasure of attending many speaking sessions of Avatar Lila. And I have always found them to be deeply insightful and relevant in today’s multifaceted, fast moving and complex world.

Avatar’s deep monastic background provides a dispassionate and sage view to the world of interpersonal relationships, leadership challenges and social harmony.

His strong academic background, a passion for teaching and staying abreast of current world affairs allows him to contextualise his spiritual knowledge to the real-world of business, politics and economics.

I would gladly recommend him to anyone seeking guidance in the areas of people management, conflict resolution, clarity of thought, decision making and for those seeking a higher sense of purpose.

Harsha Pai

CEO - Datamatics Business Solutions Ltd.

I met Avatar Lila in Mumbai when he was going to address some of the teens at Andheri. Our journey lasted some 45 minutes but impact of the discussion lasted forever. I was amazed at his journey from being a gold medalist from IISC to leaving everything. I asked him when he could have the choicest career then why did he leave everything and become a monk. His answer was, he is leading a life of purpose. I have taken that learning for life, to lead a life of purpose, irrespective of goals, one can enjoy the journey if you lead a life of purpose.

I am thankful to him for all the amazing conversations we have had there after which have been thought provoking and enlightening. I wish him all the best for his new endeavour as he has recently again left everything to enlighten humans. I am sure, once he decides his path, it’s never looking back and only things he gives back is his knowledge and kindness to all he meets.

Irendra Chhabra

Global Head - Spend Management Startek

Avatar Lila is a one-of-a-kind life coach cum spiritual guru perfectly moulded for the 21st century urban India!

I was first introduced to Avatar Lila through his sessions on Mahabharata. Whilst his knowledge of Indian scriptures is impressive, his unique delivery style weaving words with humour made his sessions uniquely captivating and left us asking for more. And knowledge of any scripture is incomplete until we learn how to apply it in day-to-day life situations, and that’s where Avatar Lila really differentiates himself since he is so closely connected with the joys, trials and tribulations of life in urban India.

And whilst you expect a former monk to do an impeccable job expounding on the scriptures, you don’t expect him doing an equally impressive job speaking to and guiding business leaders. In my next few sessions, Avatar Lila pivoted to Business Leadership topics, where I found his talks to be relevant, informative and very well structured. With his crisp delivery style, the 60-minute power-talks were a blitzkrieg of knowledge, anecdotes and case studies from the business world and ancient scriptures, perfectly laced with wit and audience participation, leaving us enriched with clarity of thought and purpose.

Avatar Lila is an ocean of knowledge, one that appears to have been acquired over many life times. And irrespective of your walk of life, you should revel the opportunity to swim in it!

Sushir Lohia

Managing Director, Barclays Bank PLC

Avatar Lila’s ideas and thoughts strongly resonate with all who hear him: youth, elders and corporate India. All of us who need explanations to life’s questions and solutions to handling our universal quest of dealing with relationships, stress, work – life balance, anger, love, competition, God and more. His invaluable guidance, adapted and interpreted from our sacred texts are simply articulated so we may understand these universal truths and receive God’s handbook for happy and contented living.

Jiten Hemdev

Mg. Director, Star Entertainment P ltd

I have come across many talks and seminars and have participated in a few. Some speakers make you think, some speakers are so engaging the experience becomes exhilarating, some give you goose bumps with their thoughts and ideas and overall you learn something which can make a small difference to your life and at Avatar’s webinar, I felt all of them.
We invited Avatar Lila to speak to my colleagues at ESR India during the period of lockdown, as we are at home trying to do our best to stay motivated. Avatar shared his ideas on ‘Rebound’ and spoke about confronting fears, making mistakes, and learning from them and overall rekindled the thought of finding our life’s purpose.
Avatar’s content was highly engaging, each and every one attending the webinar participated and felt included, overall, it gave a fresh perspective on how we live life and the resilience to move forward during tough times. I would highly recommend Avatar’s talks for individuals and organizations.

Abhijit Malkani

Country Head, ESR India

Avatar Lila’s mix of deep intellect and spiritual insight is a rare gift.  Interacting with him is not just a learning experience but a thought provoking one.  He helps you find method in madness, calm in a storm and fresh perspective to deal with the vicissitudes of personal and professional life.

Anuj Mithani

Angelpreneur, former investment banker with Citigroup, UBS and Moelis & Co., Fintech CFO

Fortunate are those among us who find a mentor and coach like Avatar Lila. His unique ability to blend the ancient wisdom with modern day situations faced by CEOs, CXOs, students, others is transformational and most satisfying.


CEO Adityabirla Infrastructure Finance

Avatar’s uncanny ability to connect ancient wisdom with contemporary issues is profound. It’s a delightful experience everytime I listen to him. Truly an inspiration.

Rohit Mehra

IRS, Limca Book of Records